What Everybody Ought To Know About Article Marketing

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For many years article marketing has been a major component of traffic and link building strategies.

Lately, there has been some controversy in the IM community over the efficacy of article marketing. Some people believe that the article marketing strategy has been oversaturated and does not bring as much traffic or link building power as it used to.

In addition, EzineArticles.com has made some recent changes to their layout to increase their own Adsense ads which has frustrated many marketers.

Tim Gorman, who is extremely well-known for his vast article marketing expertise, has recently started a post over at the Warrior Forum where he discusses at length all the techniques he uses to optimize his own articles.

He calls his 5 component system “Article Marketing Visitor Superiority (VS) and describes in full detail how to research and construct the article title, summary, keywords, body, and resource box.

I have purchased many of Tim’s ebooks and the information he provides — for free — at the forum is just as high quality.

So if you want to maximize your own article marketing efforts like the pros, I highly recommend you print out, read, and implement the techniques Tim describes in the thread.

Tim Gorman’s Article Marketing Visitor Superiority.

And tell me what you think about Tim’s article marketing strategy.