Linking To Certain Products Can Be Hazardous To Your Website’s Health

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Here’s one of those “I had to see it with my own eyes” experiences. A few months ago I built a site dealing with how to attract women. It wasn’t based on any keyword research or high-traffic/low competition combination. Yes, it violated all the basic rules of how to build a profitable website. Truth be told, I was just playing around with Micro Niche Finder and I noticed that an interesting domain name was available so I decided to buy it on a lark. Yeah, not very profit-smart.

In any case, I got some pictures of good-looking couples from iStockPhoto and made a decent header. I got some PLR articles and rewrote a few sentences — nothing special. I then put on a few Click Bank products on attracting women.

Sure enough, within a week or two I was ranking on the first page for my main keyphrase which was also my domain name. Hey, at least I did SOME SEO right!

Well, despite being on the first page of Google I noticed I wasn’t getting any clicks on the ClickBank products. So I decided to put on an actual product I found on Amazon, thinking that maybe people would be more likely to buy a physical product rather than a ClickBank eBook. The product was to *ahem* help men be more uh, attractive to women. You can probably guess what I’m talking about. :)

Within 2 days of posting the Amazon product…guess what?

It’s not what you think.

No, I didn’t make a sale. In fact, the opposite effect happened. My site lost it’s page 1 ranking. Completely. Not even in the top 100. The site was not deindexed, it just lost the page 1 ranking for my main keyword which as I mentioned before was also my domain name.

At first I thought it was just coincidence so I let the site “age” for a few more weeks, hoping that the ranking would return. I even did a little social bookmarking and submitted an Ezine article. Still no page 1 ranking.

So I decided to take off the Amazon product. Within 2 days I was back on page 1 again!

OK, was this just another fluke? I waited about a week and put the Amazon product back on. And sure enough, no more page 1 ranking.

This time I waited 2 weeks. Maybe if I waited a little longer I would get back to page 1. 2 weeks go by and no ranking.

Last chance. Take off the Amazon link. 2 days later, page 1 ranking again!

The lesson I learned? Be careful of not only what websites you link to — also be careful of what PRODUCTS you link to.

Some of them could be hazardous to your website’s health!