Profit Pattern Example 3 Plus Summary Table

Following is a table that summarizes the 2008 statistics for three of my sites. By examining the data we can come up with some possible patterns for easy-to-rank-for keywords.

Keyword Patterns

Site A which I talked about in my first Profit Pattern Example did very well for Adsense at $11.48 / day, Site B didn’t do quite as well with only $1.04 per day, and Site C was somewhat average with $3.06 / day from both Adsense and eBay listings.

Here are some patterns I think are worth noting.

1) First of all, none of my sites have a ton of content.

While having more content can certainly mean more keywords indexed and hence more clicks, it’s very possible to do well with a smaller number of high-quality, keyword rich pages.

2) Look for keywords with a low average number of backlinks, low average PR, and low allintitle number.

So what are the magic numbers to look for? I’m still going to stick with my original numbers from previous posts:

average backlinks of top 10 sites – less than 30
average PR of top 10 sites – less than 2
allintitle for keyword phrase – less than 500

3) Quoted search seems to be less indicative of easy ranking than backlinks, PR, and allintitle.

Although a low quoted search number would imply fewer sites with that phrase and possibly less competition, I think the backlinks and PR are much stronger indicators because they are more tightly associated with the competing sites who you are trying to outrank.

The two other components that I haven’t discussed are the traffic and Adsense.

You can get a general feel for these numbers from the Google Traffic Estimator although you need to take their numbers with a grain of salt because they are often inaccurate, especially with highly niche keywords.

If you have any similar statistics and would like to share please leave a comment.