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People are always curious as to the indicators of a good performing site so I’d like to share some patterns about one of my profitable Adsense sites.

While for obvious reasons I can’t give out the exact domain name, I can give you some of the other characteristics that may help you when doing keyword research and creating your own sites.

Quoted Keyword Search
The main keyword I am targeting is a three word phrase and the quoted results is less than 10,000 in Google. For example, let’s say my main keyword is “green widget hammers.” If you do a search literally for “green widget hammers” with the quotes then Google will return less than 10,000 as the number of results.

Unquoted Keyword Search
A Google search for green widget hammers without the quotes returns less than 50,000.

Backlinks of Competition
Using the link: command in Yahoo shows that the average number of backlinks for each of the top 10 sites is less than 30.

PageRank of Competition
The average PageRank for each of the top 10 sites for my keyword phrase is less than 2.

Another competitive indicator that some people like to use is the Google allintitle: search operator. This operator will restrict the results to only sites that have the specified keywords in the title.

For example: allintitle:”green widget hammers” to find the number of sites with “green widget hammers” in their title tag.

For my example site the allintitle operator returns less than 500.

Amount of Content
The site has 17 pages of content. It’s a WordPress blog with 12 posts and 5 pages.

Each page and post has either my main keyword or an LSI term in the title.

Per the Google terms of service found at, “You may accurately disclose the amount of Google’s gross payments to You pursuant to the Program” so I am able to tell you that from January 1, 2008 to December 31 2008 the site made a total of $4189.86 in Adsense, which averages to about $11.48 per day.

Adsense Layout
I have just one Adsense block on the site that appears on each page and post — a 336 x 280 block in the upper left hand corner where everyone tells you to put one. :)

I also have a 468 x 15 text line beneath the top navigation and another one in the footer area. Nothing really fancy.

As you can see it’s possible to make some decent money even without tons of content.

What made my life a lot easier was first picking a long tail keyword with low competition and with the patterns I described above:

quoted search – less than 10,000
unquoted search – less than 50,000
top 10 competitive back links – less than 30
top 10 page rank average – less than 2
allintitle: – less than 500

The keyword I used had some decent Adsense click revenue. This is something you can check on using the Google Traffic Estimator tool.

I hope this gives you some idea on what patterns to look for when doing keyword research and building your sites.

I will uncover more profit patterns for other keywords and sites in future posts.

If you have your own particular set of successful pattern indicators that you would like to share, please be sure to leave a comment.