The Tony, Frank, and John Show

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Some great videos featuring Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese.

Frank and John ask Tony why people in IM fail so much. Tony describes a 4 part circular process of Potential -> Action -> Results -> Belief where people basically fail to believe in the end results so they spiral into failure. Basically, by changing your belief system you can reverse the spiral so that your spiral up to success.

I think this is an incredible eye-opener since many people feel that the reason for failure is due to lack of action. In reality, many people take lots of action. However, if they don’t believe in the results then they’re just spinning their wheels, taking random action after random action.

At some point all these random actions will be discouraging and the belief will wane, which eventually leads to a failure spiral.

If on the other hand you can visualize success to harden your belief system, then even when faced with set backs you’ll continue to take positive action and eventually spiral towards success!

Very clever, that Tony Robbins…

Tony Robbins also talks to John Reese one-on-one about making $1 million dollars in a single day and how that event allowed other people in IM to also break that psychological barrier.

Two Ways To Save Time For Making Money

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If you study the daily habits of just about any successful person — both online and offline — you’ll find that one of the key patterns to their success is their ability to save time.

And one way successful people save time is by having internal business processes that have been streamline to be as organized and as efficient as possible.

So how can you and I learn to be a little more organized so that we can save some time?

I recently found out about two PC utilities that I think will help you to organize your computer.

The first program is called Fences and it helps to organize your PC desktop. If you are like me, you have a desktop that is full of icons. You try to organize them by grouping them together. However, after a while the icon groups start to merge into each other and you end up with one blobby mess. At one point I had literally every single spot on my desktop filled with an icon!

The second program is a nifty utility call JDiskReport that shows your PC disk usage. I download a lot of reports, programs, and utilities and in a short while I always find myself running out of hard disk space. Where does it all go? This disk reporting utility from JGoodies will tell you.

The best part about these two organizing utilities is that they’re free!

Download them today so you can get organized, save time, and make more money!

StarDock Fences

JGoodies JDiskReport

No Opt In Trend Coming Your Way?

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One of the most fundamental business strategies for online marketers is to build an opt in list.

The offer normally follows this sequence: You offer something of perceived value to a customer. For example, a money-making report, a sample template, free PLR article. They give you their email first — this sequence is important — then you send them the freebie.

Having a huge list can literally be a money-making machine, if you do some simple math.

Let’s say you found a $47 affiliate offer on Clickbank where you can make $20 each time someone buys the product through you.

And imagine you have a list of 10,000 people with a low 2% response rate. That means each time you send out an offer to your list 2% of them will buy the product you are promoting. By the way, many marketers claim much higher response rates — often in the 10%+ range. For this exercise let’s be ultra-conservative and stick with our 2%.

You send out an email promoting this new Clickbank product and get 2% x 10000 = 200 purchases. And at $20 profit per purchase that’s an easy $4,000 — just for sending out an email.

No product development, no customer support. No wonder so many people want to build up a list! The bigger the list, the more money you make.

However, as with so many things internet we start to see the abuses.

I’ve seen many, many BIG NAME marketers become list-builders rather than customer-builders.

Some will offer cheap, borderline useless money-making “reports” as bait to lure unsuspecting newbies — and old-bies — into giving up their email address. To them, you are just a number to be added to their sales pool. The more in the pool, the more chance they’ll have to squeeze some money off of you.

Over time, my belief is that if more marketers continue to focus on list-building rather than on customer-building then we’ll start to see more people who are less willing to give up their email addresses for the ubiquitous free money-making report.

The offering won’t be “Give me your email address first, then I’ll give you my free report.”

Instead, we’ll need to switch the order to “I’ll give you my free report first. Then if you like it you can buy my product or sign up for more information.”

Now within your free report you can / should certainly have links to your other products. That’s fine. It’s the giving up the freebie to the customer to try before they give you their email address that I feel will be the more preferred order for customers.

There are mutual benefits to this change in order, though.

For the potential customer, he gets a true free sample before having to give up any information. There is growing concerns about giving up any personal information, even if it turns out to be an email address that you intend to throw away later.

From the marketer’s perspective, this puts more emphasis on providing a truly good sample to impress customers right from the start. No more low quality bait reports.

Overall, I feel this change in the opt in order can build a better level of trust between the marketer and the customer which leads to a better and more profitable long term relationship.

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