Locating The Long Tail

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I’ve been noticing a lot more products entering the market that deal with finding long tail phrases.

Long tail phrases, as you recall, are those multi-word keywords that typically have less traffic although are often very easy to rank for since they are overlooked by all the people chasing after the high volume keywords.

Long tail phrases, in aggregate, can account for 50% or more of your total traffic so they are not to be considered lightly. Check out your web logs and you’ll see what I mean.

If you only relying on the Google’s traffic estimator and sandbox tools for finding keywords then you are missing a ton of other long tail phrases since Google only displays a fixed number of keywords.

So where can you find long tail phrases?

Google itself provides 3 great sources:

1) Google Wonder Wheel

This is a fantastic tool that shows related keywords and themes in the form of a wheel surrounding your main keyword. What’s even more interesting is that you can click on any of the related keywords to drill down for even more related keywords. After 3 or 4 levels the keywords really start to drift away from your main keyword, though, so I would try to limited the levels to just 3 at the most.

2) Google Suggest

When you enter a keyword in Google search box, you’ll notice that it tries to provide you with suggested keywords. Often these are great long tail phrases that you can data mine for your keyword campaigns.

3) Google Related

This is another source of long tail phrases that seem to be different than those found in the Google Wonder Wheel.

So don’t limit your long tail research to just the standard Google tools that everyone else uses.

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming For Profits

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There are some great tools for “mind mapping” and brainstorming your ideas and thoughts. I’m starting to use them more and more, especially to diagram different ideas and processes for doing things like link building and steps for utilizing social media.

You can find a big list of both free and commercial mind mapping tools at Wikipedia’s site:


I see FreeMind mentioned in a lot of forums as a favorite free mind mapping tool.


However, my current favorite is one called http://www.bubbl.us/. This has a highly graphical and intuitive interface and while it may not have as many bells as whistles as FreeMind, I really preferred the user interface of Bubbl.us.

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Linking To Certain Products Can Be Hazardous To Your Website’s Health

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Here’s one of those “I had to see it with my own eyes” experiences. A few months ago I built a site dealing with how to attract women. It wasn’t based on any keyword research or high-traffic/low competition combination. Yes, it violated all the basic rules of how to build a profitable website. Truth be told, I was just playing around with Micro Niche Finder and I noticed that an interesting domain name was available so I decided to buy it on a lark. Yeah, not very profit-smart.

In any case, I got some pictures of good-looking couples from iStockPhoto and made a decent header. I got some PLR articles and rewrote a few sentences — nothing special. I then put on a few Click Bank products on attracting women.

Sure enough, within a week or two I was ranking on the first page for my main keyphrase which was also my domain name. Hey, at least I did SOME SEO right!

Well, despite being on the first page of Google I noticed I wasn’t getting any clicks on the ClickBank products. So I decided to put on an actual product I found on Amazon, thinking that maybe people would be more likely to buy a physical product rather than a ClickBank eBook. The product was to *ahem* help men be more uh, attractive to women. You can probably guess what I’m talking about. :)

Within 2 days of posting the Amazon product…guess what?

It’s not what you think.

No, I didn’t make a sale. In fact, the opposite effect happened. My site lost it’s page 1 ranking. Completely. Not even in the top 100. The site was not deindexed, it just lost the page 1 ranking for my main keyword which as I mentioned before was also my domain name.

At first I thought it was just coincidence so I let the site “age” for a few more weeks, hoping that the ranking would return. I even did a little social bookmarking and submitted an Ezine article. Still no page 1 ranking.

So I decided to take off the Amazon product. Within 2 days I was back on page 1 again!

OK, was this just another fluke? I waited about a week and put the Amazon product back on. And sure enough, no more page 1 ranking.

This time I waited 2 weeks. Maybe if I waited a little longer I would get back to page 1. 2 weeks go by and no ranking.

Last chance. Take off the Amazon link. 2 days later, page 1 ranking again!

The lesson I learned? Be careful of not only what websites you link to — also be careful of what PRODUCTS you link to.

Some of them could be hazardous to your website’s health!

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